Dog Grooming

Puppy Grooms

Getting your puppy used to the grooming process is very important from a young age, therefore puppy visits will be no longer than 1 hour and half the price of a full groom.

Maintenance Groom

This can be done in between regular full grooms to keep your dog looking and feeling clean. Bath and dry, nails, ears cleaned, paws and face tidied.

Full Groom

A full pampering session for your dog. Nails trimmed, ears cleaned, a bath with two shampoos using professional shampoos and conditioner if necessary, then dried. Your dog will then be styled to your requirements.

Nail Clipping

If your dogs nails are getting long, bring them along for a trim.

Hand Stripping

If required your dog can be handstripped.

If a dog is severely matted then the dogs coat will have to be clipped off for the welfare of the animal – this is following the guidelines of the animal welfare act 2006 keeping the dog free from unnecessary pain and stress.